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Greetings everyone and welcome to my website Real Turn Around. This website is meant to bring real turn around in how people view Backyard chicken keeping as just a practice of keeping a few chickens behind your house for home consumption.

Am a Kenyan man born and raised along the bank of river Nzoia in western region. Due to my parents meager income, they could not hire a house help to look after me. This made them to leave me under the care of my maternal grand parents at a very tender age of five years.

My grand parents were ardent poultry keepers ranging from chickens, ducks.geese,turkeys,guinea fowls and pigeons. It is while I was living with them that I also developed passion for the love of these domestic birds especially chickens. When I was about ten years old, I moved from my grand parents home to our home because my mother had quit her job to look after me and my two other siblings.

When returning home I was given a chick to take with me as a present by my grand mother. I kept this chick in a makeshift cage behind our house. This chick grew and started laying eggs and out that I also became a passionate backyard chicken keeper and I could sell this chickens to raise my tuition fees. This is why I have started this website to help the like-minded people.


As I have indicated above that I was brought up in a family who were zealous poultry keepers, I learn a lot from them on how to successfully turn around Backyard chicken keeping into a thriving income generating business. The following are the great things I learn from my grand parents that I would like to share with the world to enhance success in the business of backyard chicken keeping;

– How to raise chicken in your backyard.

– Chicken feeds both traditional and processed.

– How to treat hens during laying and brooding period.

– How to collect and keep eggs.

– How to raise baby chicks.

– General healthcare for chickens.

– Chicken predators and their control.

– Traditional brooding and modern incubation methods.

All the knowledge and experience I gained from my grand parents are generally traditional and suitable for those people who want to practice backyard chicken keeping with very minimum resources. I also have modern backyard chicken keeping methods suitable for those who don’t only want to keep these birds for home consumption but want to generate meaningful income from the practice.



Backyard chicken keeping should not only be viewed as away of raising chickens for home consumption alone but should be embraced as away of generating small income for the family just behind your house. I saw this with my grand parents where they used to make a good income from the sale of the birds for meat, sale of their eggs,sale of their poops as manure to people with kitchen gardens and also sale of chicks to people who want to start their backyard chicken keeping. Am therefore, urging stay at home mothers, pensioners and even job seekers that you can make gainful income from this practice from just little resources behind your house.



The purpose and goal of my website is to impart those who are already practicing backyard chicken keeping or those who are prospecting to start with knowledge, ideas and modern methods/techniques on how to make the practice successful. We will also give you guidance on how to give your backyard chicken keeping a real turn around into income generating business.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Peter Omondi.


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